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Atari 2600: Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi - Ewok Adventure

(Summarized from the manual)

You are an Ewok in the hang glider corps. Your mission is to destroy
the Imperial shield generator. You must avoid enemy fire, get rock
piles and explosives to use against your enemies, and then fly through
the doors of the shield generator bunker to blow it up.

You fly your hang glider with the joystick. You can tell your
altitude by how far you are above your shadow. Left is bank left,
right is bank right.

With difficulty switch A in the "B" position, the joystick works like
the control stick of an airplane: pull back (down), you climb; push
(up), you descend. If you set difficulty switch A to the "A"
position, the vertical directions are reversed. If you hit the ground
you are destroyed. If you're high enough you can fly over enemies.

You pick up rocks which you then drop on enemies; you can carry up to
9 at a time, but you slow down the more you carry. (push the button to "fire" a rock.)

You pick up explosives to fly into the bunker to blow it up.

Trees are not obstacles. Nor are rivers, but they indicate your progress through the level.

The swirl patterns are thermals which allow you to climb. When you blow up an enemy, the resulting fire creates updraft (climb) for your glider.

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Reviewer: SourJim42 - - January 24, 2014
Subject: Shame it was never released
This is an excellent game. One of the best games for the system, IMO. The controls take a bit of getting used to, they are not straightforward (which probably has something to do with the game not getting released.)

You're in a glider. It works like a glider.

If you are very skilled, you can steel a walker.

I wish I had a cartridge of this game.
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Jason Scott
on 12/25/2013